Our commitments

  • We provide our clients with value by minimising environmental impact in the execution of our activity in the manufacture and marketing of micro cements and similar products and providing our services.
  • We continuously improve processes, products and services, with special emphasis on preventing contamination.
  • We meet the applicable legal requirements and commit to any other more demanding ones that may be signed.
  • We keep the SGCMA (Environmental Management and Quality System) operational as a work culture: by being present in the daily actions and tasks of all the company’s components.
  • We periodically revise the system, policy and goals to ensure they are constantly adapted.

A sustainable and “green” architecture

The best choice

If you choose Homecret materials, you’re in good hands:

They contain no solvents that are harmful to health, emit no formaldehyde or other toxic substances and also have low environmental impact due to their water-based formulation.

The materials underwent rigorous tests to demonstrate that after application and when dry, it releases no harmful substances into the air.

We respect the environment

Homecret is also a green and environmentally friendly option, with minimal environmental impact:

We do not move voluminous materials or carry out arduous loading or unloading procedures, generate very little dust and no debris during the application process of micro cement, simply coating surfaces easily and quickly, which is perfect for coating vertical surfaces, such as wallboards or cement rendered walls, stairs, bathrooms or showers, and in just three millimetres.