Micro cement: material of the moment

Micro cement is currently the most chosen material by architects, interior designers and decorators to renovate and decorate dwellings, commercial premises, restaurants… It is believed that it will be the most used material of the moment in the coming years.

Continuous surface with micro cement

Micro cement is a coating without cracks or joints, therefore, large surface areas can be coated without leaving any mark, even incorporating other materials, metal or ceramic, thereby constructing unique and integrated spaces. Micro cement has revolutionised continuous surface design.

It can be applied to multiple materials.

No debris or large-scale works

Our micro cement is especially designed for the renovation of spaces where there no desire for a large-scale work, since we generate no debris by applying the material directly onto the floor or previously coating floors or walls. Micro cement can be applied onto multiple materials, such as old tiles, terraces, cement, etc.

Its placement is quick (up to 164 ft2 a day). Endless waiting is not necessary to complete the renovation of your home, nor do you need to stop work activities for a very long period: micro cement enables immediate transportation.


A significant advantage of this coating is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is practical, clean and requires little maintenance.

Its finishes and colours are so amazing thanks to their aesthetic and usefulness, with endless possibilities.

Homecret micro cement family

Thanks to micro cement’s great versatility, it can be applied to different surfaces. To obtain the best results, Homecret has developed three types that are adapted to the needs of each surface.

Homecret Indoor         Homecret Xtrem
        Homecret Erfitt