The creation of surfaces for environments that are pleasant for living and working in our environment. Playing with the components, using different types of finish, creating endless colours and effects: the aesthetic possibilities and compositional effects of our coating enable maximum freedom of design for indoors and outdoors. Minimalist or Baroque, rural or urban, rustic or modern, natural or high tech.

Any style can be reproduced by Homecret solutions.

We create innovative floors and custom-made surfaces

Concrete takes shape in our hands

Concrete is the heart of our products. It is a unique material that is malleable and can be worked in many different ways, original because it can be produced in an endless range of colours and durable because it is resistent to wear and tear over time. We call it “liquid rock.” The material takes shape from the simplest components and, through our know-how and passion, becomes an innovative and creative material capable of coating any surface.

Cork Pool micro cement

Cork Pool is more widely used today to execute fully coloured swimming pools that have an exclusive character.